Update your web browser

Time to do some spring cleaning and update your web browser!

It's one of the things you may not pay much attention to, unless you are having problems or if a new browser is required by certain sites.

The only restrictions may be with a work computer where your companies IT department controls upgrades to your PC.

For personal use it's a must. You will have such a better experience on the web. it's like putting new tires on your car, it feels great, but it's also free!
Older browser do not display newer websites correctly. There are also security issues with older browsers.

We reccomend Google's Chrome browser. It's very easy to use, nice bookmark features, and much more. It also xome sfrom a great line of othe Google products like Docs and Calendar. We had used Firefox for years, but after using Chrome for the last year, we don't want to go back.

We HIGHLY recomend staying away from Internet Explorer. It has not kept up with the fast moving web and still has a lot of issues.

Steps for a better life on the web

  1. Backup your favorites
  2. Stop using your old browser, Remove any shortcuts to hide it.
  3. Install Chrome

You can also download a different new browser and try it by itself. You don't have to delete your old one, just stop using it.

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